Virtual dialogues will address the present and future of eHealth in the Americas

The Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) calls on professionals that work in the field of eHealth, to brainstorm, discuss and reflect on the present and future of the application of information and communication technologies in public health. The virtual dialogues will be part of a project titled “eHealth Conversations: Information management, dialogue and knowledge exchange to approach universal access to health”.

The project represents a breakthrough for the Strategy and Plan of Action on eHealth (2012-2017), as it seeks to implement a regional mechanism, through free and fair access to information and knowledge sharing, to ensure the convergence of local, national and regional initiatives related to the development, adoption and implementation of information and communication technologies for public health. It also aims to support decision makers and the general public to understand and prepare for the future of eHealth.

Based on the components of the regional eHealth strategy, PAHO/WHO will implement a series of virtual dialogues with key stakeholders, networks and experts in the following topics: 1)Infrastructure, 2)Information Systems, 3)Telemedicine, 4)Access to information, 5)Policies, 6)Education, 7)Patient Safety, 8)Electronic Medical Records, 9)Standards for interoperability, 10)Legal issues, 11)Relationship with projects and initiatives of e-Government, and 12 )eHealth Management.

Each virtual dialogue will begin during the week of October 15, 2012, and will last 120 days. The main goal of each conversation is to develop a situation analysis, identify national and international experts and networks in each topic, and produce conclusions and recommendations for PAHO/WHO and its member countries to consider when implementing eHealth projects.

Expected results include to build a network specialized in eHealth; facilitate national institutions with access to evidence-based information and certified experts on specific issues that can strengthen decision making; strengthen individual and collective capacities of health workers and institutions, and connect them in a network of eHealth networks; and strengthen the PAHO/WHO eHealth program with the recommendations.

The final product for the “eHealth Conversations” will be a publication that will be regularly updated and disseminated by PAHO/WHO and its social networks.

Interested parties may participate in one or more of the 12 conversations available, which will be moderated by a coordinator who will assign activities among participants and collect information for the publication.

To participate in the virtual dialogues, professionals should send an email to with the subject: “eHealth Conversations – registration” and the following contact information: full name, institution and country. Participants will then receive instructions to complete their registration.

For more information about the project, contact Myrna Marti, general coordinator, via email


·         eHealth Strategy and Plan of Action for the Americas

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