Multi-search in WordPress


  • WordPress instance installed and running;
  • VHL Plugin installed and running.


This documentation demonstrates how to implement a resource to make possible to search in all information sources indexed in IAHx as well as in the contents of the WordPress site. To achieve this, it is necessary to perform the following steps:

  • Access the site that generates the HTML code to create the multi-search box in WordPress;
  • Fill in the first text field with the IAHx URL to be used as the information sources’ site;
  • Fill in the second field with the instance that has both WordPress and VHL Plugin installed;
  • Fill in the third field with the site’s name;
  • Choose one of the language options from the list and hit Generate code;
  • Copy the code generated;
  • In WordPress, select the Text widget and paste the generated code;
  • Save the changes.