How to participate

Forms of participation and collaboration with the VHL

According to their capacities and interests, the institutions can take three different functions in the participation and collaboration with the VHL:


Coordinating Center
The institutions that take the function of coordinating center are responsible for leading a group of other institutions (cooperating centers and/or participating units), supporting the training and communication of this group at national, regional or thematic level.


 Cooperating Center
The institutions with the function of cooperating center are committed to collaborate with content for VHL products and/or services, mainly carrying out activities related to the updating of sources of information. To become a cooperating center, the institution must have human resources for the activities of provision, selection, processing and indexing of contents.


 Participating Unit
The institutions associated with the VHL Network as Participating Units are committed to promoting and disseminating the access and use of VHL products and services to their users. In general, the participating units do not cooperate in the operation of the VHL sources of information, albeit participating in the network as promoters and supporters.


The participation of institutions in the network is formalized through a document of commitment and institutional justification, such as a term of membership, protocol of cooperation or even a meeting minute. Each country establishes the best instrument to formalize the participation of its institutions at the VHL Network.


The participation of autonomous information professionals at the VHL Network is voluntary, to collaborate with a service or source of information.