Methodologies of VHL’s Information Sources

The chart below summarizes the sources of information of the VHL, its methodologies and associated systems, as well as types of content contemplated in these.


Name of Source of Information Name of Methodology Content Management System Resource for Search Interface Type of Content To know more:
LILACS and other regional, national, and thematic bibliographic databases LILACS FI-Admin iahX


Scientific and Technical Publications

Reference data from books, journal articles, grey literature, etc., with the possibility to access the full text, when available)

Portal of Scientific Journals in Health Sciences SeCS FI-Admin Own Interface Journal Collections

Bibliographical description of the titles of journals with information on availability and form of access to the full text 
Directory of Events DirEve FI-Admin direve-wp-plugin Events
Basic information on congresses, seminars, conferences, etc.
LEYES – Latin American and the Caribbean Basic Health Legislation LeisRef FI-Admin iahx


References in health legislation
SOF – Formative Second Opinion SOF FI-Admin




Questions and Answers
Primary Health Care
Educational Resources Repository Educational Resources FI-Admin oer-wp-plugin Educational Resources
Educational content, such as courses and support material; tools such as software for creation, registration and organization of educational resources and online learning communities; etc.
LIS – Health Information Locator LIS FI-Admin lis-wp-plugin Internet Resources

Sites, applications, social networks, knowledge showcases, image  banks, infographics, among other internet resources
Multimedia Resources Catalogue Multimedia FI-Admin fi-multimedia-wp-plugin Multimedia Resources
Videos, images, animations, presentations and audios, among other open access resources published on the internet
Reports of Experiences Reports of Experiences WordPress Own interface Reports of Experiences
Testimonials, report of situations, relevant cases and lessons learned
Search Strategies Repository RefNet WordPress Own interface Search strategies in sources of information at the VHL
DeCS – Health Sciences Descriptors DeCS FI-Admin Own interface Controlled trilingual vocabulary in health sciences