LILACS Search resources update

The new LILACS Portal (available at brings innovations in the search resources offered to the users.

In order to disseminate these resources to the users, we have recommended the replacement of the old link to LILACS, which is available in each instance of the VHL Network, by a new one that shall lead the user to the new iAHx interface instead of the iAH interface.
In the picture below the LILACS link is leading to the advanced form in the iAH interface:

NT LILACS search1.png
In this other picture the LILACS link is leading to its new portal, according to the recommended replacement:

NT LILACS search2.png
It is not necessary to change the configuration for metasearch in the BVS Site.

The iAH interface is still available, but without the free search tool, as the new iAHx interface offers this same possibility of basic search.

To know the search parameters on the iAH and iAHx interfaces for the construction of an URL with direct access to the search service, access