Treatment of erratum in LILACS


According to DeCS, Erratum are types of publications defined as:

Work consisting of an acknowledgment of an error, issued by a publisher, editor, or author. It customarily cites the source where the error occurred, giving complete bibliographic data for retrieval. In the case of books and monographs, author, title, imprint, paging, and other helpful references will be given; in the case of journal articles, the author, title, paging, and journal reference will be shown. An erratum notice is variously cited as Errata or Corrigenda.

Treatment of erratum in periodical articles

In LILACS, each periodical article is represented by a record in the database. When a periodical article is corrected by errata, in addition to the article record, LILACS must also have a record of the erratum, which identifies that a particular article was corrected. These will be two distinct records, like records for different articles, but are linked through the correct completion of the fields indicated below.

Record of the erratum

To report the record of the erratum in LILACS of the record of the article that this erratum corrects, it is necessary to include the data below:

Record of erratum in LILACS
Name of field Number of field Content of field
Electronic Address 08 Include the word “Erratum” in subfield z, as indicated: ^zErratum
Personal author 10 Include the authors of the corrected article
Title 12 Include the titles of the corrected article + : [erratum]
Publication type 71 Include the Publication type Erratum
General Note 500 Include the Unique Identifier (Id) of the article corrected in LILACS in the following way: Erratum reference to the Id [record number].

Click on the image below to see an example of the description of erratum in LILACS.


Record of a corrected article

Record of an article corrected in LILACS
Name of field Number of field Content of field
General Note 500 Include the Unique Identifier (Id) of the erratum in LILACS in the following way: Erratum in the Id [record number]

In the case that the erratum corrects some data that was described by the LILACS Methodology, such as author or title (among others), this data must also be corrected in LILACS.

Special case

1 – This example looks at republished articles that were, for this reason, deleted from LILACS.

 Link for the article in SciELo: [1] (in Portuguese)
 ID of the record in LILACS: 618144

Alterations in the Original record

  • As it was without a title[12], one was adapted from the first paragraph: Correction of the omission of due credit to the journal Environmental Health Perspectives (EHP) of articles published in the Revista Ciência & Saúde Coletiva, as part of an agreement between the two journals: [erratum]
  • Included in the General Note[500]: Erratum refers to the Ids 595950, 600750, 610678 and 610695 of republished articles deleted from LILACS
  • Type of Publication[71]: Erratum
  • Electronic address[8]:^ien^zErratum