LILACS Submission is a system created to manage the interoperability between Cooperating Centers (CC) and BIREME. It has as objective to strenghten and give transparency about cooperation process with LILACS. It uses an system developed by BIREME, who allows:

  • Electronic management of the interoperability with Cooperating Centers (CC);
  • Automation of the cooperating process;
  • Transparency, rating and optimization of the work flow.

In this stage, BIREME Submission contemplates contribution flow with LILACS through submission files in ISO 2709 format to inclusion on LILACS database.


URL Presentation LILACS Submission

New collaboration flow

Steps to start collaborating

Request the user in the system

To request access to the system, send an e-mail to Email_lilacs with the subject LILACS Submission – user request and provide:

  • Full name of person responsible for sending the LILACS
  • E-mail
  • VHL Code of Cooperating Center

Based on the LILACS Submission implementation schedule, it is estimated that by the end of 2013, all LILACS Cooperative Centers Network adopt the system and the e-mail Email_envios gradually is going to be disabled.

Batch preparation by Bibliographic Type

To prepare the batch of records, you should have done the description, indexing and publishing of the records in your local information source (institutional, thematic or national databases) adopting LILACS Methodology.

The batch of records should be divided in:

  • Journals= Journal articles described and indexed journals of not participating in the LILACS-Express;
  • Monographs, Thesis and Non conventionals = monographs, dissertations and papers unconventional described and indexed using the Web-LILDBI;
  • Indexed reviewed journals and records – LILACS Express= LILACS records indexed and reviewed journals that participate in LILACS-Express (or SciELO Editor). These records are sent by CCs for replacing members records LILACS-Express loaded automatically;
  • Records supplied by the editor – LILACS-Express – BIREME only= no indexing records that are unedited and LILACS-Express (Such a principle will be administered only by BIREME and viewed by those responsible for data entries in SciELO).

Importante*The batches of records should be saved and sent with the extension .ISO.
*Do not send ISO files with only one record.
*Prefer to send batches with a significant number of records. One or more issues of journals fully described and indexed and many books, monographs, theses and unconventional documents together in one batch.
*Do not send ISO files with only one record.

Sending records with LILACS Submission

  • Log into the system


  • Click on menu Submissions and choose New Submission


  • Fill and choose the options according to your .ISO file:


  • Total records: report the total amount of records in the ISO file sent;
  • Bibliographic type: select the bibliographic type of the records being sent (see definitions above);
  • Iso file: upload the ISO file to be sent to LILACS;
  • Observation: include information about the records sent. Example: Acta Cir. Bras, 10 (2) 2011; Acta Cir. Bras, 10 (3) 2011; Acta Cir. Bras, 10 (4) 2011;
  • Attachment: send the full-text documents described in the ISO file that are not available on the internet to be loaded in LILACS repository;
  • Submit to External Database?: Send the batch of records also to thematic or national databases;
  • Click on the Submit button.

Control the batches sent do LILACS and External Databases

The main menu presents the options Dashboard, Submissions, a search box, Reports, Language and User information.


The first view presents all Opened submissions with the information:

  • #: Id number of the record;
  • Creation date: Date of submission of the the batch by CC;
  • Last update: Date of updating by BIREME;
  • Updated by: Name of the person responsible for the last update;
  • Status: Current status of the batch;
  • Type: Bibliographic type of the batch sent by CC;
  • File Name: Name of the file created with the VHL code number-Id number.ISO. By clicking on this link, you download the file.
  • To monitore the status you can see:
    • All submissions sent by your user/Center by clicking on the menu Submissions > Show all submission;
    • To refine the data, select the filters available by clicking on the button Botao on the top right of the screen and choose the options by Type and Step.


  • By Type
    • All: Restores all types of records
    • Journals: Retrieves only fully described and indexed records;
    • Books, Thesis and Non-Conventionals: Retrieves all bibliographic types, excluding Journals and LILACS Express records;
    • Records indexed and reviewed – LILACS Express: Retrieves only records indexed and reviewed by Cooperating Center of LILACS-Express journals;
    • Records as published – LILACS-Express – BIREME only: Retrieves the records as supplied by editor – LILACS-Express.
  • By Steps (check the steps above )
    • All: Restores all records in all steps of processing;
    • New submission: Retrieves all new submissions;
    • File validation: Retrieves all batches which file are not corrupted;
    • Format validation: Retrieves all records with the bibliographic description validated;
    • Content validation: Retrieves all records with document indexing validated;
    • Waiting for publication: Retrieves only certificated batches;
    • Waiting for CC feedback: Retrieves all batches that needs feedback from CC, ej. duplicated records;
    • Submission rejected: Retrieves all batches that could not be processed.

Submission Flow

The “Submission” flow is as follows:

Step Description Actor Sequence
New submission Include file on system Cooperation Center 1st
File validation Verify if ISO file isn´t damaged or corrupted BIREME 2nd
Format validation Verified file BIREME 3rd
Content validation Validate content according to LILACS Methodology BIREME 4th
Waiting for publication Certify on LILDBI-Web of BIREME (internal) BIREME 5th
Avaliable in LILACS Avaliable on LILACS) BIREME 6th
Waiting for CC feedback Batches which presented problems in the 2nd, 3th and 4 th steps and are pending a feedback BIREME and Cooperation Center
Submission Rejected Files that could not be avaliable on LILACS (due to problems or tests) BIREME

User configuration


In Configuration, it´s possible to visualize logged user and Edit, Change password and Logout options.

  • Edit: In this option, it´s possible to include First Name and Last Name, change e-mail and select to receive e-mails always when submission has a status change. This option doesn´t allow to change user login.


Change password:

  • You must enter your old password;
  • type new password;
  • and confirm;
  • Click on Change my password;
  • Select your username.


Implementation Schedule

Activity Date
System Planning August 2012
Beta version development September 2012
Internal tests September to November 2012
Presentation to National Coordinating Centers (NCC) and Coordinators of Thematic Networks November 2012
Pilot test with Cooperating Centers (CC) November and December 2012
Portuguese and Spanish Presentations to LILACS Network March 2013
Expansion to all CC from LILACS Network January to June 2013

Technologies adopted

Multimedia presentation