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MEDCARIB - Health Sciences Literature of the English Caribbean

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Caribbean VHL Instances

VHL Belize - Belize National Library Service and Information System


VHL Guyana - University of Guyana Library and the Ministry of Health


VHL Puerto Rico - Biblioteca Conrado F. Asenjo, Recinto de Ciencias Medicas, Universidad de Puerto Rico

The MEDCARIB in Action

Acuril_2020ACURIL 2020 (18-19 Nov) - BIREME presents "VHL: a Caribbean integration effort" as proposal for the development of a VHL Instance for the English Caribbean, as a strategy for integrating efforts and information resources, prioritizing to facilitate the access to scientific and technical information for professionals, researchers, students and decision makers interested in, acting on, or making decisions on health area in the Caribbean region.

Acuril_2019ACURIL 2019 (June) - Virtual workshop “New Cataloguing Data Entry Competencies for VHL in the Caribbean". Márcia Y. Barretto, Coordinator of Information Technology Infrastructure of the Administrative Management (ITI/GA) of BIREME, organized the content and virtually held the workshop that took place on June 2nd. Ms. Barreto presented the FI-Admin tool for the entry of new records for databases that follow the LILACS Methodology. Fourteen representatives of the four languages of the Caribbean (Spanish, English, French, and Dutch) participated in the workshop, 11 of them in person. Members of the MedCarib Network were also among the participants.

Products & Services

MEDCARIB - is a bibliographic database of health science information in the Caribbean English-speaking countries. The database includes documents such as books, book chapters, theses, technical reports, conference proceedings, journal articles, and grey literature. 

CARPHA Evidence Portal - is a continuously updated repository of research, syntheses and Caribbean policy-relevant documents. The Portal includes clinical, population health and health systems research but excludes basic/biomedical research. The types of syntheses included are evidence briefs for policy, rapid syntheses, overviews of systematic reviews, systematic reviews and economic evaluations. The policy relevant documents originate from the CARPHA, CARPHA Member States and the World Health Organization. The EvIDeNCe portal also includes a guided overview of sources of Caribbean data, pre-appraised research evidence and other types of information, tools, resources and training material to support evidence-informed decision-making.

Belize Database - National literature from Belize on health sciences

Guyana Library Catalog – National literature from Guyana on health sciences