Experiences Reports

The Experience Report is a source of information about experiences lived in a specific field of activity, typically presented in a contextualized manner, with objectivity and theoretical support.


The report should provide considerations, cases, and lessons learned from the lived experience being recounted, which are meaningful to the relevant field. It aims to bring forth thoughtful considerations and reflections based on the reported experience.


Its purpose is to disseminate the experience and promote exchange to other contexts, while also serving as inspiration and motivation for the replication of the experience. Furthermore, it seeks to contribute to the knowledge exchange among those interested in the theme of the report.

Elements of the Experience Report

Written Record

  • A text (report) detailing an experience with information about the context, facts, and figures that demonstrate the impact and results achieved through the experience.
  • It presents the context, general conditions, and resources that were necessary or influential in the occurrence of the experience, along with other relevant aspects that may contribute to the replication of the experience and collective learning among professionals and individuals interested in the field. (maximum of 2 pages)  

Personal Testimonial

  • A video recording of one or more testimonials expressing the motivation and feelings of individuals who were involved in and contributed to the reported experience. (maximum of 5 minutes) 

Who Are We?

  • Information about the individuals presenting the report. A brief descriptive text accompanied, when available, by links to the person's Curriculum Lattes and/or profiles on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or others.

Reference Links

  • Additional information related to the report, such as links to websites and documents related to the subject covered in the report and/or produced by the individual/team involved in the experience.
  • This section may also include images and other verification sources that complement and explain the shared experience.


  • The complete reports (text, images, video, and links) will be published on a portal to be developed and may or may not be open to moderated comments, with the possibility of replication and sharing (via RSS and social media).
  • The collection of experience reports may be organized by themes in line with the programs, actions, policies, and priority projects of the area in which the reports were developed.