VHL Plugin for WordPress

Plugin BVS

Multi-language framework

Installation instructions

Zipped files

  • Download the zipped files;
  • Unzip these files to a temporary area;
  • Copy or transfer the files and directories from temporary area to the wp-content/plugins directory of the WordPress instance that is subject to the installation.
  • To add translation files to the WordPress Admin
    • Create a languages directory below wp-content;
      • e.g.: mkdir htdocs/wp-content/languages/
    • Copy or transfer the language files intended to use to the wp-content/languages directory of the WordPress instance.

Using GIT repository

NOTE: it is required to have the GIT client installed.

Using SVN repository

NOTE: it is required to have the SVN (Tortoise under Windows) client installed.

NOTE: Translation fiels are only available in zipped format.

Instructions for activating the plugins in WordPress interface

  • To activate the VHL Plugin and the Multi Language Framework plugin plugin do the following steps:
    • Access the admin interface using the administrators’ profile;
    • Select the Plugins item from the dashboard panel
    • Activate both BVS Site and/or Multi Language Framework items by using the activate/deactivate option below each plugin name.

NOTE: Just a few steps more are required to conclude activation and operation of Multi Language Framework:

  • In the dashboard panel, choose Settings;
  • Choose the Multi Language item;
  • Enable the vhl_collection option below Post types that will be translated section;
  • Save the changes.

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Where and how to ckeck-out the plugins using SVN

E.g.: plugin Ultimate posts widget

  • In directory <your-instance>/htdocs/wp-content/plugins/
  • Type in the command below and hit `[Enter`]:
svn co http://plugins.svn.wordpress.org/ultimate-posts-widget/trunk ultimate-posts-widget


Documentation for using the VHL plugin

Advanced topics

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