Executable program developed in C language by BIREME with the CISIS functions library that acts as an interface between web server CGI (Common Gateway Interface) and the aplication written in its native language - IsisScript - allowing for the management of information in ISIS model databases.

Standard (10/30)

It works with master files (.mst) with records up to 32 Kbytes in size - fully compatible with CDS/ISIS for Windows. It has short keys up to 10 characters and long keys ranging from 11 to 30 characters long.


Long keys (16/60)

Ditto the standard one, except for the inverted key sizes. The short keys may be up to 16 characters and the long ones from 17 to 60 characters long.

LIND (16/60)

Ditto the long keys version, except for resources such as field restriction search, occurrence and proximity search, all of them put aside in order to increase search performance and inverted file size. The extensions to some files that comprises the inverted architecture have been modified to make it easier its identification.

FFI (16/60)

Ditto the LIND version, except for the master file control record whose structure have been changed to increase the record size up to 1 Mbyte long, making it uncompatible with whatever version of CDS/ISIS up to date.


Available versions

32 bits

64 bits


Source code (within CISIS)

 Sample source code

 Available documents 

  1. The WWWISIS Handbook (Andrew Buxton)
  2. IsisScript Language Reference
  3. Apuntes del Curso: Introducción al WWWISIS XML IsisScript Server(CNEA)