Using the script for migrating from VHL Site 5.x to WordPress

Steps for installing and configuring the migration script

Software requirements

  • PHP 5.x
  • VHL-Site subject to migration on the server


  1. Zipped package
    • Download the zipped package through GitHub;
    • Unzip the contents of the packag below the htdocs directory of the VHL-Site 5.x being migrated;
  2. GitHub repository
    • Install the import script by using the git command:
git clone bvs-site-importer


  • Open the file config.php and change the $XML_DIRECTORY variable to accomodate the path of the XMLs from VHL-Site (usually below bases/site/xml);
  • In the same file change the $URL_OLD variable to the VHL-Site 5.x instance domain name;
  • Also change the $LANGUAGE variable according to the language being converted (pt, es, en);
  • Access the address <VHL Site 5.x URL>/bvs-site-importer/ and save the resulting XML;
  • Import this XML to WordPress using the Tools > Import > WordPress;

NOTE: The data import has to be done individually for each language. Therefore the config.php file should have the $LANGUAGE variable changed according to all languages that apply.

Data validation

VHL-Site to WordPress – Migration data validation

Manual data migration

VHL-Site to WordPress – Manual data migration