Technical Support to BIREME’s products

This is a communication channel for users of VHL, LILACS and SeCS networks and institutions that have a partnership agreement with BIREME/PAHO/WHO, in order to offer technical support on the use of the VHL methodologies, technologies and applications and its associated networks according to BIREME’s mission of contributing to the development of health in the Latin America and Caribbean countries through democratic access, publishing and the use of information, knowledge and scientific evidence.

The main activities developed by this channel are as follows:

  • give support to system analysts, network administratores and support analysts on the instalation of the applications developed by BIREME and used within the VHL scope;
  • provide support information related to the errors issued during the use of the applications developed by BIREME;
  • promote the evolving of a decentralized technical support network with expertise in the technologies and methodologies used by BIREME and its associated networks;
  • provide the transfer of technologies used by the VHL platform.

Technical support policies related to products and service channels

Before sending a request to the technical support of the RST, please check if the solution to the problem has been already solved and/or answered in one of the following channels:

  • Wiki BIREME;
  • FAQ;
  • posts from the discussion list of the VHL developers and technical partners (sign up here)

In case no solution can be found in any of those channels, please follow the instructions below:

If your institution has an agreement or project with BIREME and there are resources to technical support on our products and services, please access the RST Support site to open a support request.

However, in case your institution uses our applications and does not take part of our Cooperative Center networks (VHL, LILACS, SeCS etc), we strongly suggest you direct your doubts to our Technical Cooperative network via this link. In the case the network does not answer in a 48 hours period, the RST team wil do it.

Want to cooperate with us?

See how:

  • Translating and/or reviewing texts in Portuguese, Spanish or English on the wiki pages of BIREME;
  • Suggesting topics and subjects for documents, courses, presentations etc (under development);
  • Taking part as analyst/programmer in the Developers’ network (RedDes site);
  • Submitting materials such as manuals, usage guides, presentations, notes etc, either on applications or methodologies developed by BIREME (under development).